Dental Health Information – Caries, Lesions, Sealants, and etc

The Southeastern Ohio Dental Clinic

The Southeastern Ohio Dental Clinic started to offer services of dental services to Washington and surrounding counties in 1998. The main dentist lives in Marietta, Ohio. The main aim of The Southeastern Dental Clinic is to provide low-cost oral health services. This dental clinic performed its duties for 7 years. It stops operating in 2005. After a year not operating, the Health Department in the Washington County decided to re-open the clinic by winning a grant from the Ohio Department of Health. On October 1, 2006, the dental clinic started to work again.

The dentist’s office in Marietta, Ohio was small. It includes 3 operatories, a tiny office, and a reception area.

Nowadays, the dental clinic has transformed into a former private dental office due to grant funds from the Ohio Department of Health, the Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund, and the Marietta Memorial Foundation. This dental clinic is fully equipped with 5 treatment rooms, a large waiting room, and parking in a more visible and accessible location in Marietta downtown. The staff of The Southeastern Dental includes a full-time dentist, one dental assistant, and 2 other staff members who serve as both front office and dental assistants when required.

The services offered are preventive, restorative, and emergency care. Currently, the dental clinic accepts Ohio Medicaid. It offers a reasonable fee scale for Ohio residents having a low income. There is a minimum fee of $30 for all others.

The Southeastern Ohio Dental Clinic is located at 123 Third Street in Marietta. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.