Dental Health Information – Caries, Lesions, Sealants, and etc

Medicaid & Dental Care Coverage in Ohio

Below you can see each branch of dental care to find out what Medicaid in Ohio covers and does not cover.

  • Braces – covered if they are medically necessary. Medicaid covers medical braces but does not cover cosmetic braces;
  • Checkups and Cleanings – 2 cleanings per year are covered for adults. Adults may have a copay of $3 per each visit;
  • Dentures – dentures that are medically necessary are covered;
  • Dental Implants – not covered by Medicaid;
  • Dental/Oral Surgery – covered by Medicaid if it is medically necessary;
  • Fillings, Extractions, and Crowns – extractions that are medically necessary are covered, at a cost of $3 copay per visit;
  • Teeth Whitening – not covered by Medicaid;
  • Root Canals – covered if they are medically necessary, at a cost of $3 copay per visit;
  • X-rays – 2 x-rays per year together with checkups and cleanings.

Important: Medicaid in Ohio covers not only dental care for those emergency situations.

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