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Dental Equipment for Dental Problems’ Treatment

Dentists in the practice use different dental equipment, through which they examine the patient’s oral cavity and treat compromised teeth. Each tool has its own purpose and is used for the most painless manipulations with compromised, cavitated teeth and gums.Dental Equipment for Dental Problems' Treatment

Examination kit

The dentist, having listened to the patient’s complaints should undergo a thorough examination of the oral cavity and teeth. A professional dental examination is performed using diagnostic tools:

  • diagnostic mirror – is a round mirror on a long handle and is used to examine areas that are difficult to access and invisible during visual examination in the patient’s mouth;
  • dental explorer – looks like a hook with a long handle and is used to determine defects and dental caries, the depth of the carious cavity, its density and sensitivity, as well as the dental calculus presence;
  • tweezers – used by a doctor to determine how loose a tooth is, and also to put or remove a cotton swab.

Treatment set

The treatment of the carious cavity and cavitated teeth, found during the examination, consists of several difficult stages:

  • opening of the cavity;
  • cleansing and removal of damaged tooth tissues;
  • filling a cleaned cavity.

Special dental equipment is also used to treat caries:

  • hatchet excavator is an elongated holder with curved thin ends on both sides, used to extract temporary fillings, food debris, and soft damaged tooth tissues, plaque, and deposits on the teeth are also removed by an excavator;
  • carver and blades. They look like a long holder with pallets on both sides, with their help filling materials are kneading. It is also used to lay filling material in the open tooth cavity;
  • a dental drill. It is used to open the cavity and cleanse it of the tissues affected by caries, there are several varieties of drills for the convenience of cleaning cavities of various shapes, sizes, and depths;
  • a disc is used after closing the cavity with a seal to smooth its surface and sharp edges that could remain after treatment with a drill;
  • polisher – the purpose of polishers is the same as that of discs, but they have a different shape.

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