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10 Tips on How to Treat Your Teeth Inexpensively in Ohio

10 Tips on How to Treat Your Teeth Inexpensively in Ohio

Medicine in the USA is expensive, and dentistry is simply fabulously expensive. Many Americans travel to Mexico for dental treatment, while foreigners fly to their home countries for dental treatment.

If you need to get your teeth treated in Ohio, but you don’t want to go broke, then our tips will help you.

10 ways to make dental care in Ohio more affordable

  1. Look for a free dentist. On the Internet, you can search for a free clinic in Ohio. Dentists in such clinics work on a voluntary basis and live off donations, so you will have to pay, but not as much as in regular dentistry. These clinics serve low-income Americans and those without insurance;
  2. Find students. Dental students can fix your teeth for little money. For them, this is practice and necessary experience, and for you, it is real savings. Do not be afraid to be left without teeth, usually students work under the supervision of experienced teachers. Search online for dental schools in Ohio. There are institutions where recent graduates work and gain experience, often their services are quite affordable;
  3. Try to take part in a clinical trial. Typically, these trials are done when a new drug or a new form of treatment needs to be tested. By taking part in the testing, you will receive either a fairly inexpensive or completely free dental treatment. But before you agree, you should carefully assess the risks so as not to harm your health. You can find out about the tests that are currently being carried out on the website of the Institute for Dental Research. You can also search the database of private and public clinical trials at for eligible options. If you are interested in any study, then apply;
  4. Contact the Health Bureau. This organization finances clinics that provide free medical care or provide medical care for a small fee. They will advise you where to go with your problem;
  5. Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP. In the USA, there are government programs that cover dental treatment in some states. Find out more about the features in your state;
  6. Contact United Way. Your local branch of this non-profit organization will tell you where inexpensive dentists are available;
  7. Contact the State Department of Health. They will tell you about inexpensive dental treatment options;
  8. Get dental insurance. Sometimes dental care is not included in your regular health insurance plan. Often the policy stipulates how you can reduce the cost of dental treatment;
  9. Discount. There are plans through which you can get a discount of up to 60% on a certain list of dental services. To find the best discount plan for you, you need to enter your zip code on;
  10. Do not immediately agree with the proposed price. When you are prescribed treatment and the cost is announced, ask to describe what procedures you will have and how much each costs. Compare this dentist’s prices to your area at You can also directly tell the dentist that you do not have the funds to pay him for the treatment, ask him to tell you another, more inexpensive option.

What to do if you can’t afford dental treatment in Ohio

Many Americans still find it expensive to treat their teeth in Ohio, and they do it in Mexico, Cuba, South America. If you are moving to the USA, you should solve all problems with your teeth while in your own country, and just in case, find out on social networks from US residents where they treat their teeth and which doctors they go to in order to somehow secure themselves in case of an unexpected need to go to the dentist.

According to statistics, 29% of Ohio residents regularly have to take out Ohio payday loans to afford dental treatment prescribed by their dentists. This type of loan is very popular today because payday loans are easy to get and repay. Such loans are usually small-dollar (up to $1,000) and short-term (up to 30 days). Consumers usually apply online, and it takes a few minutes. The process can be completed remotely. The funds are usually transferred to the borrower’s bank as soon as the same day. The money can be used for whatever purpose, including the treatment of teeth. Indeed, payday loans can be a real way out of a difficult financial situation.

Free or low-cost dental care in the USA

Because preventive dental care is so important, there are many free or low-cost services available at community clinics or charity events for people of all ages.

  • In most cases, dental schools provide discounted care for anyone at any income level. Check online for a dental school in your area, and don’t worry—dental students are always supervised by licensed dental instructors;
  • Dentists often practice voluntarily in community clinics;
  • Dental Lifeline provides support for people with physical disabilities, such as the elderly and people with multiple chronic conditions;
  • America’s Tooth Fairy is an inexpensive dental service for children.

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